Thermal Shock

Thermal Shock testing subjects products to sudden temperature changes. These changes can be either air-to-air or can be liquid-to-liquid changes. The change of temperature varies from the standard that is followed but generally it is within minutes. The temperature, dwell time and transfer time plays a vital role. With this testing, the customer can simulate / determine the physical (Shattering, cracking, binding etc), chemical and operation problems of a product under test. QT Labs carries a unique facility to offer thermal shock reliability testing to its customers. The chamber is a single unit chamber without any movement of the unit in different temperature zones or without any transfer time.

The ability to perform two tests in one unit not only space requirements, but it also fast to insert and remove specimens, thereby reducing testing time.This is a hybrid model with high performance so it can provide dew cycle testing and low-temperature dew cycle testing for in-vehicle components. The chamber is also useful for testing components in operation like the power supplies, all electrical / electronic components subject to sudden change in temperature etc.

QT Labs offers the below but not limited to:

  • IEC 60068-2-14
  • Qualitative Analysis with a low-temperature exposure at minimum -70°C (TSA-103ES/TSA-203ES, -70°C), and the maximum temperature at +200°C with change of exposure at less than 10 seconds