VOC Testing

Volatile organic compounds (VOC) testing services from Qualitek Labs can help you ensure that your products comply with international VOC requirements that safeguard the environment and human health. VOC’s if present can have adverse impact on the environment and human health. Owing to these effects, most countries and OEM’s have opted for stricter guidelines / regulations to reduce the concentration of VOC in the consumer products including the Automotive Components. QT Labs offers its VOC testing the following areas:

Automotive Testing

  • Interior Car Components
  • Automotive Air Quality

Consumer Products

  • Inks & Paints
  • Furniture Products (VOC & Formaldehyde emissions from Office & Home furniture)
  • Soft lines & Leather Products
  • Aerosol Products

Environment Testing

  • Work Zone Air
  • Ambient Air Quality etc

QT Labs can offer VOC testing against the below industry standards on client / OEM request:

  • VDA 278
  • GMW 15634
  • Renault D423109
  • FLTM BZ 157