Accelerated Stress Testing Halt Hass

Accelerated Stress Testing Halt Hass

Accelerated Stress Testing Halt Hass

Under the fatigue testing three methods are used to determine the potential problems the product may encounter during its lifetime. These are:

Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT): QT Labs offers an extensive range of HALT testing to expose component under high stress short duration environment. However, using incremental step stress approach it helps manufacturers / designers identify anomaly like material degradation, mechanical issue or potential electrical issues at much early stages of designing or prototype development. Typical testing programs offered by us include:

  • High temperature step stress
  • Low temperature step stress
  • Vibration step stress
  • Rapid thermal cycling
  • Combined Environment
  • Standard & Cyclic corrosion
  • Electrodynamic Vibration


  • Temp. Range -100° C to +200° C
  • Ramp rate of 70° C per minute
  • Vibration level max 50 gms
  • Frequency Range 10 to 5000 hz.
Accelerated Stress
Accelerated Stress

Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS):HALT testing is typically employed during the design or development stages of a product life cycle. However, HASS testing is different. Because it helps in identifying the latent defects in manufacturing during the production stages of a product life cycle to reduce associated failures. Additionally, to identify defects in existing products. HASS testing can also determine the impact that alternative components will have on your product design and durability. QT Labs offers its services for HASS, please contact for more information.

Accelerated Weathering:

QT Labs through its well established infrastructure offers accelerated weathering to simulate the damage.  That caused on the product by sunlight and weather conditions within a compressed period of time. Typically, accelerated weathering tests will cycle between intense UV and moisture exposure at controlled temperatures to achieve this end. These tests are often utilized to test the designs of equipment intended for outdoor applications. So, we can predict how they will withstand weather throughout their lifetimes. Apart from 1 meter3 chambers, QT Labs also offers a unique 3 mtr X 3 mtr x 2.5 mtr walk in chamber with variable temperature, humidity and IR lamp capability to accommodate bigger exterior components.