Vibration Combined-Environment Testing

Vibration Combined-Environment Testing

QT Labs can perform both random and sine vibration testing for a wide variety of products for clients including automotive, aerospace, electronics, packaging and defence device manufacturers. This test helps clients to simulate how a product with perform under a constant shock and vibration environment which it encounters during shipping or during its routine usage. Qt Labs offers

  • 1 mtr X 1 mtr table & Head Expander
  • 5000 Kgf Capacity
  • Maximum shock of 100 g
  • Varied waveforms
  • Programmable Random Vibrations
  • X,Y,Z axial movement

The shaker is fully equipped to perform a full selection of tests that will help clients make a informed decision and also help them comply with the industrial regulations.

The shaker can also be integrated with an environmental chamber to offer combined vibration and environment simulation testing. The ramp rate for the chamber can go up to 5 Deg per minute for heating and cooling.

Vibration testing