elv-end-of-life Vehicle

elv-end-of-life Vehicle

ELV-End-of-Life Vehicle testing

The End of Life Vehicles (ELV) Directive (2000/53/EC) already announced on 21 October, 2000. Effective 21 April, 200)

According to the Directive, manufacturer shall ensure that materials and components of vehicles put on the market do not contain Lead, Mercury, Cadmium or Hexavalent Chromium after 1 July, 2003. Furthermore, a maximum concentration value up to 0.1﹪by weight per homogeneous material for Lead, Mercury and Hexavalent Chromium and up to 0.01﹪by weight per homogeneous material for Cadmium shall be tolerated, provided these substances are not intentionally introduced

The following substances are restricted since July 2003

Substance MCV (% by wt)
Lead 0.1%(1000ppm)
Mercury 0.1%(1000ppm)
Cadmium 0.01%(1000ppm)
Hexavelicent Chromium 0.1%(1000ppm)

QT Labs can offer testing services up to 10 PPM levels for the screening of the above restricted elements under the ELV directive using ED XRF and further confirmations can be done using the ICPMS techniques.