We are leading TIC agency can help the industries to ensure both quantity & quality of fertilizers throughout load port to discharge port. We perform inspection & testing according to various national & international standards applicable accordingly.

Fertilizer Ores

We capable of doing different parameters in Rock phosphate and KCL with AOAC method which is followed by FCO in their various ISO 17025 accredited lab in India and Overseas. P2O5 and SiO2, R2O3 (Fe2O3 and Al2O3) are main parameters and Mn plays an important role in Rock phosphate which effect the Single Super phosphate process. In Muriate of Potash, water soluble Potassium and Mg as MgO and Sodium as NaCl is important parameters


Straight Fertilizers :

We can perform testing and inspection for all Straight fertilizers like Straight Nitrogenous Fertilizer , Straight Phosphorus Fertilizers , Straight Potassium fertilizers and Straight sulphur fertilizers .

Complex Fertilizers:

Complex fertilizers manufactured with various composition of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulphur. Highly skilled and precise lab equipment are required to analyse these fertilizers as these parameters analysed in Total and water-soluble percentage. These complex fertilizers are combination of different elements and plays vital role during selection of fertilizer as per soil test and soil deficiency.

Internationally accepted and standardized methods for estimation of N, P K S  in different complex fertilizers as well as Straight Fertilizers are feasible in our laboratories, which specifies AOAC(Association of Official analytical chemistry) method for final determination of Total and water soluble content.


Zn , Mn, Boron, Copper, Fe, Molybdenum, can be tested in various form of micronutrients fertilizers . We use ICP MS & OES, and other high end equipment to analyse these test up to PPB level. This help in determination of harmful elements like Arsenic , lead , cadmium which carry in fruits and harmful to human and animal consumption.

Fortified Fertilizers and 100 % water soluble complex fertilizers

Fortified fertilizers are straight and Complex fertilizers which fortified with
various micronutrients like Zn, B. Water soluble fertilizers are soluble in
water and their application is different on plants, and yield better results.
We with their highly qualified and experience team help in ascertaining all
parameters which are important and controlled by legislation.