Color Fastness

Color Fastness to Light

QT Labs through its world class infrastructure offers Weather ability / Fading resistance for color fastness to light on materials from all points along the supply chain – from raw materials to the end products used in automotive. These tests reproduce the damages caused by sunlight, rain and dew. In a few days of testing, one can simulate the damage that can be caused over months or years outdoors

The lab possesses Atlas make CI 4000 and Q Lab make QUV accelerated weathering testers. Both these testers are approved by many OEM’s in the automotive, paints and coatings, and plastic industries as the partners to deliver accurate, reproducible and repeatable results for predicting service life. These testers are certified for CE, UL, CSA, ISO and EN compliant.

Tests we can offer include but not limited to:

  • Weatherability or fading resistance for color fastness to light

    Qualitative analysis BPT = 38 ºC 110 º C

    Gray scale rating 5 to 1

    SAE J 2527: 2004

    SAE J 2412: 2015