Tabletop to Vehicle Level Test Chambers Thermal Shock (Air/Air,Liquid/Liquid):
Moving Bucket and Stationary Bucket.

Rapid Temperature Variation Chamber:
IR Simulation, Static and Dynamic Ozone Test Chamber


Weathering / Accelerated Weathering:

Xenon Arc Lamp: CI4000, Q-SUN, Xe-2 and Xe-3, Fluorescent Lamp: UV-A, UV-B, Q-UV, UV-CON, Metal Halide Lamp: SoSi (Solar Simulation), Carbon Arc Lamp: Sunshine Carbon Arc WeatherOmeter


General Corrosion: NSS, CASS, Condensation/ Immersion
OEM Specific:
SWAAT Test, Renault, JASO, VW, Ford,
Nissan, Hyundai & Honda,
Sub Zero Temp CCT, GMW, SAEJ 2334

On Board

On Board Electricals OBE:

Ignition Noise Test (Facility only with Qualitek Lab in India)
Insulation resistance, Temperature Rise
Dielectric strength, Resistivity, Contact
resistance, Electrostatic discharge, Voltage
drop, Overvoltage, Reverse Polarity, Withstand
Voltage, Transient immunity test, Wave form
module test, Bulk Current Injection Test

IP Testing & Tightness:

Dust Chamber JIS D0207 type 8, Portland cement IEC 60529, JIS D 0207, MIL 810 JSS 55555 Rain Chamber IEC 60529 , ISO 20653, IPX 1 , IPX 3, IPX 4, IPX 5, IPX 6 JIS D 0203 S1, S2, IS 9000 Part 16

Ip Testing Amp Tightness
Shock And Vibration Testing

Shock and Vibration Testing:

Shakers from 1.5 Ton to 6 Ton with climatic chambers and rapid ramp in temperature from -40°C to 150°C Sine, random, Random on Sine &
Sine on Random.

Shock up to 200g, Resonance detection

Mechanical, Physical, Metallurgical & OES Testing :

Tensile Strength, Yield Strength, % Elongation, Modulus Of Elasticity For Metals Compression & Flexural Strength And Modulus Hardness-Micro, Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers Macro and Micro Structural Examination Inclusion Rating, Grain Size, Nodularity Graphite Type And Distribution Type Of Fracture And Weld Analysis Chemical Composition.

Polymer Testing

Polymer Testing:

FTIR, DSC, TGA, Solvent Extraction, UTM, MFI, VST/HDT, Shore A, D, IRHD (N &M), Glass/Ash/Filler Content, ESCR

Resistance and Aesthetic Testing:

Scratching, Rubbing, Abrasion (Shopper Test) Staining, Shot blasting and Gravel Testing Taber Abrasion, Martindale, Chemical Fluid Immersion, Wiping, Dripping & Soaking Car Wash, Multiaxial Impact Testing, DE-MATTIA Flex Tester, Stiffness Testing Friction of Backing, Endurance Test of Skid Prevention Shape, Pull Strength of Grommet & Labe.

Fire Testing Car

Fire Testing:

Horizontal and Vertical combustibility.

SES N 3245, ISO 3795, FMVSS 302, Ul94, IS 15061 Development Testing Battery Pack, AIS 156 ARAI Fire Homologation Testing.

Dynamic Services:

Mechanical Endurance Life and Fatigue Testing Force and strength Testing
BIW Testing Life Cycle Durability Testing Car Doors, Boot, Hood, Decklid Airbag deployment (Through our Approved Channel Partner).

Dynamic Services
Specialized Services

Specialized Services:

Test Rig Design
and Development Services
ISO 17025 Training Services
Failure Analysis

Vehicle Interior Emission:

VOC Tedlar Bag up to 10l & 2000l, Micro-Chamber Odor Intensity and Nature of smell Fogging Photometric, Gravimetric, Transmittance/Haze.

Testing Of Substances As Per Directives

Testing of Substances as per Directives:

RoHS (1 or 2) 2002/53/EC, ELV 2000/53/EC WEEE, Prop 65/CA 65, POP, Phthalates REACH/SVHC, SOC (Honda and Toyota), PAH.