Electrical & Electronics

As a part of National Policy on Electronics (NPE), recently the Government has issued a notification for compulsory registration of Information Technology goods. The order mandates India safety standards for 30 categories of Electronic items and applies to all domestically manufactured and imported products. In coming days, the list is going to increase to more than 100 items.

Automotive and Auto Electronics, and Electrical and Electronics are two of the key sectors which are going to be the Growth Engine for the Indian Economy for the coming few decades.

Qualitek Labs is gearing up to support this industry by providing testing in some of the major EMI/EMC Tests such as:


  • Electro Static Discharge
  • Fast Transient Burst
  • Surge Generator
  • Low Frequency Magnetic Fields Emissions and Immunity
  • BCI
  • Transient Emission
  • Conducted Emissions
  • Emissions of Mains Harmonic Currents, Voltage Fluctuations, Flicker and Inrush Currents
  • Radiated Emissions
  • Radiated Immunity
  • Conducted Immunity

Labs carries an elaborate set up for analytical testing for its clients in the Electrical & Electronics and heavy machinery industry segments. The equipments capabilities include ED XRF, ICPMS, GCMS with Pyrolyzer, Thermal Desorber and Head Space and HPLC to offer complete scope of analysis to its clients

Tests We Offer includes but not limited to:

  • RoHS 2.0 (New EU Directive – 2019)
  • ELV (End of Life of Vehicle)
  • VOC Testing
  • Odour testing
  • Aldehyde Testing / Ketones Testing
Electricals and Electronics Testing,EMI/EMC test