In the Food Guide Pyramid, eggs are part of the group of protein rich.  One large egg provides about six grams of protein; about half of this protein is in the egg white. Egg white is considered as an ideal protein because it contains all the essential amino acids in proper proportion for human nutrition. Of the total fat in eggs, more than half is the unsaturated variety. Eggs are a significant source of iron, riboflavin, folate and vitamins B12, D, and E.  

Production of fake eggs:                          

In 21st century, the human being has gained the ability to make the clone of natural things and one of the most wonderful examples is artificial egg production which is looked real as the original one. Imitation eggs often made from unsafe materials, and can pose serious health risks, when consumed.  

eggs - fake eggs

Unveiling the innovation of Artificial Eggs: 

                             Artificial egg is made by using various types of raw materials, colors and flavors sodium alginate which has been soaked in aqueous, adjusting the concentration, stirring evenly. Soon it will look slightly white and transparent and should have the same viscosity as the real egg white. This is the main part of the “egg”. Separate part of this liquid and then added a small amount of lemon-yellow food coloring, by adjusting the color depth to look like the color of egg yolk. Finally, the “egg yolk” and “egg white” are put into “eggshell” made of calcium carbonate. 

Harmful Health Effects of fake eggs:  

                               The consumptions of these eggs lead to foodborne illnesses and bad effects on health. The chemicals used for artificial eggs causes metabolic disorders, brain damage, liver disease, cancer and many other diseases. In China it was claimed in various news that fake eggs are sold in the local market because of money. Furthermore, the proliferation of fake eggs can erode consumer trust in the food industry. 

eggs testing

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