Green to be true, Be Safe 


In a world where the consequences of our actions have become more evident than ever, the call for sustainable living has grown louder. As we go through the challenges posed by climate change and environmental degradation, a phrase “Green to be true, Be Safe”, stands out as a guiding principle. And this saying encapsulates our responsibility to the planet and ourselves. 

Role of Vegetables: 

Vegetables play important role in food and nutritional security. Particularly, green leafy vegetables are considered as exceptional source for vitamins, minerals, and phenolic compounds. Mineral nutrients like iron and calcium are high in leafy vegetables than staple food grains.  


Protective Foods – Nature’s nutrient powerhouse: 

Generally, vegetables are widely designated as “protective foods” in human diet due to their varied health benefits attributable to the richness in vitamins, essential fatty acids, minerals, amino acids and dietary fiber and various essential bioactive compounds. It is well acknowledged that to meet recommended daily allowance of nutrition, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendation at least 400g of fruit and non-starchy vegetables (WHO, 2013) is used. The dietary guidelines for Americans recommend five servings of vegetables per day based on an intake of 2000 calories (HHS/USDA, 2015).  

                     Green Vegetables may be harming more than helping , If they have been artificially coloured. Most of the vegetable may be coloured by Malachite green, a textile dye and carcinogen. Other green vegetables such as ladies finger and ground varieties are washed with toxic blue vitriol.  

Artificial Color testing at Qualitek Labs:                      

Qualitek Labs is a leading provider of testing for artificial color in green vegetables through our state-of-the-art facilities and industry-leading technical expertise combined with the superior quality of our services, we provide innovative and best services to customers. We are specialized and trusted partner of choice for quality, health, safety, and sustainability solution. 

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