Packaging Integrity Testing: Ensuring Product Protection and Safety 


Packaging plays an important role in the world of modern manufacturing and distribution to ensure the integrity, safety, and quality of products. Whether it’s food, toys, textiles, electronics, or any other consumer goods, toxics in packaging material can lead to harmful consequences. It includes, compromised product quality, safety hazards, and financial losses.         

We at Qualitek Lab offers package integrity testing to reduce these risks in the production and distribution process. This testing involves the measurement of a characteristic or property involved with packaging. 

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Furthermore, It involves various techniques and methods designed to assess the durability and reliability of packaging materials. These tests are essential to ensure that products remain safe, intact, and protected from external factors throughout their shelf life. 

Services offered by Qualitek Labs 

Qualitek Labs with its long experience and rich technical expertise can offer its services to help you meet the requirements of the new regulations. Some of the tests offered by Qualitek Labs include: 

  • Overall Migration as per IS 9845 (Plastic Materials) 
  • Colour Migration as per IS 9833 
  • Specific Migration to Heavy Metals 
  • Low Density Polyethylene Films (LDPE) as per IS 2508 
  • Water Vapor Transmission rates as per IS 1060 (Part 2) 
  • Tensile Strength and Elongation at break as per IS 2508 
  • Ink Adhesion and Product Resistance as per IS 14636& Others 

List of various types of testing and equipment used by Qualitek Labs in the field of packaging testing and quality control:  

  • Burst Strength  
  • Edge Crush Test 
  • Altitude Chamber 
  • Compression Machine  
  • Rotary Vertical Vibration  
  • Drop Tester 

In conclusion, Qualitek Labs in the field of packaging integrity testing is the unsung hero in the world of product safety. It ensures that the products we consume, and use are protected from external threats and maintain their quality until they reach us. we offer the testing facility to comply with a wide variety of industry Standards, government contracts, and military specifications as well as unique customer Requirements. Our experts and resources are always ready to provide you best services in terms of helping with your testing, timelines, and making your products.  Reach out to us to know more. 

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