Qualitek Labs’ Comprehensive Testing Solutions for India’s National Solar Mission. 

India’s National Solar mission:

For the sake of sustainable future, India’s National Action Plan on Climate Change took place on January 11, 2010, with the launch of National Solar Mission (NSM). The focus of this initiative is to transform the country’s energy landscape by utilizing the power of sun and reducing its carbon footprint. To support the various schemes and initiatives, Qualitek Labs is a leading entity providing comprehensive testing for the success of the National Solar Mission. 

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Role of Qualitek Labs 

At present, India is actively adopting the solar energy as compared to traditional fossil fuels. Qualitek Lab plays most important role in supporting manufacturers, suppliers, institutions, and channels partners and ensures the quality and performance of various components of solar energy.  

Services offered by Qualitek Labs: 

Testing of Solar Photovoltaic modules (PV Module Testing)

One of the services offered by Qualitek Lab is testing of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) modules, the building blocks of solar power generation. These modules go through rigorous testing and makes sure it meets stringent quality standards. So that these modules may withstand the different environmental conditions across the country.

Furthermore, Qualitek Labs conducts thorough testing of Photovoltaic Solar Cells, Solar PV Power Converters/Inverters, batteries, Solar PV Water Pumping Systems, Solar PV Lighting Systems, and other associated components. This approach ensures each part of solar energy adheres infrastructure must meet highest quality and performance standards. 

Solar thermal system testing:

Qualitek Labs’ capabilities not only limited to Photovoltaic systems testing but also the company is specializing in the testing of Solar Thermal Systems. We at Qualitek Lab ensures the efficiency and reliability of these systems and contributes to the goal of utilizing solar energy for both electricity generation and thermal applications. 

As a rapidly growing country, where innovation is key to progress, Qualitek Labs is your reliable partner in advancing India’s solar ambitions. We have team of experts who are dedicated to guaranteed results.  

In conclusion, as India is moving towards a greener and sustainable future, Qualitek lab plays a pivotal role in comprehensive testing solutions and emerges as a cornerstone in the success of the National Solar Mission. Qualitek Lab is contributing significantly to the realization of India’s renewable energy mission and global fight against climate change, by ensuring the reliability and efficiency of solar technologies. 

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