“Quality Control in Leather Production: Testing for Durability and Aesthetics”


Leather is very popular for making stylish bags, wallets, belts, shoes and jackets. But making leather look even more stylish and long lasting, involves some important checks. Aesthetic appeal of leather quality attracts the users and for the same leather testing takes place. Let’s talk about how the leather is being tested under different quality control measures to make it look appealing and influencing. 

Qualitek Labs’ expertise

Qualitek labs experts helps your brand ensure the quality, durability and safety of every type Leather Testing such as footwear, including fashion and formal shoes, athletic footwear, specialized and professional footwear, and children’s shoes.  

Leather Testing

Qualitek Labs offers different physical tests under footwear : 

  • Sole bonding, seat piece, and sock liner adhesion assesses how different parts of the shoes such as sole, insole and inner lining are fixed together. And makes sure shoes look complete while using. 
  • Heel and outsole flexibility test measures the flexibility that how much shoe can bend. 
  • Heel attachment strength checks the sole and heel bonding as per regular usage. 
  • Pull tests for components and accessories are done to check if they can handle the everyday strain. 
  • Colour shading and colour fastness involves the colour shading is same in the whole product and fastening measures the shoe’s colour does not change  in different conditions. 
  • Odour test checks if there is any kind of malodour exists which can effect user’s experience.  

Similarly, there are few more tests are included at Qualitek labs like, size and fitting test, zip quality test, weight test, waterproof test, weather testing, slip resistance, fibre identification etc.  

Why Qualitek Labs:  

Qualitek labs take care of your items through testing consumer safety standard & regulatory requirement tests for footwear. We offer testing & assurance services in the different fields such as Food, Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, Ayurvedic, Microbiological, Environment etc. We are accredited and lab and helps clients meet compliance requirements that the product should meet before being placed in the market.

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