Ensuring Rice Bran Quality- Testing & Evaluation


Rice is one of the most widely consumed staple foods in the whole wide world. And it serves as a major source of nutrition for billions of populations. As rice is a rich source of nutrients, it is necessary to ensure its quality for the safety of the consumers. Quality Testing of Rice Bran examines the right quality under regulatory standards. 

Quality Testing:         

Rice Bran quality testing involves the examining of different attributes of the product. These are physical, chemical, and nutritional attributes, which ensures its suitability for different applications like animal feed, human consumption, or industrial use.   

Rice covers about 69% of the cultivated area and is the major crop, covering about 63% of the total area under food grains in Odisha. Rice in Odisha is now grown on an area of 4.4 million hectares, which accounts for 91% of the area under cereals. It contributes about 94% of total cereal production in the state. Rice bran is a byproduct of the rice milling process; it constitutes 10% of rice.

The major portion of this is used as animal feed and rich in nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, bioactive compounds, and dietary fiber. A major rice bran fraction contains minimum 12%–13% oil and highly unsaponifiable components (4.3%). Free fatty acids in rice bran during its storage after a treatment by twin-screw extrusion to prevent possible rapid hydrolytic rancidity of lipids. 

Rice Bran

 Stabilized Rice Bran: 

The prevention of hydrolytic rancidity during the storage of rice bran stabilized by an extrusion process. This is the main part of the “egg”. Moreover, FFA is also catalyst to oxidation reaction which results in formation of free radicals- beginning of many serious diseases such as cardiovascular, cancer, aging process etc.  

Advanced Testing Services at Qualitek Labs for Free Fatty Acid, Oil Content, and Nutritional Profiling

Qualitek Labs is a leading provider of testing for Free Fatty Acid, Oil Content, nutritional profiling, Fibers in Rice bran. Through our state-of-the-art facilities and industry-leading technical expertise combined with the superior quality of our services. We provide innovative and best services to customers. We are specialized and trusted partner of choice for quality, health, safety, and sustainability solution.  

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