“Toy Safety Testing: Stringent Standards for Children’s Products”


Toys safety Testing : The safety of children’s product, especially toys, is top most priority to parents and caretakers. To ensure that toys are free from any kind of harmful chemicals, stringent toy safety testing standards takes place. These toys safety testing standards are structured to safeguard kids from harm and provide hazard free products. 

Need for Stringent Standards: 

Children are very innovative, curious, and explorative. They use their senses to engage with the toys and their surroundings. Which makes it mandatory to test the toys thoroughly to assure young one’s safety. Manufacturers must adhere to stringent standards which covers some aspects of toys testing, such as, design, materials, manufacturing processes and labelling. 

Toys safety testing at Qualitek Labs

Toys safety testing at Qualitek Labs goes through different parameters, it involves assessing of potential risks and hazards. These parameters include small parts that could pose choking hazard, toys with sharp edges, toxic chemicals in packaging used, flammability of Solids and Flashpoints of Volatile Materials, and mechanical and physical testing. Furthermore, durability and stability testing to ensure that toys can withstand the hardship of play without any breakage. At Qualitek Lab we offer testing feasibility with EN71-Part1 (Mechanical & Physical elements of the toy) & EN71-Part3 (Assesses the migration of certain chemicals from toy to children body). 

Compliance and Certification: 

Regulatory bodies around the world establish toy safety standards and guidelines to ensure consistency across the industry. BIS has established certain Indian Standards for toys which defines safety and quality requirements for different toys. 

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