Corroborate that the ground spices secure to consume.

Magical power of Ground Spices

                         In the territory of culinary delights, the aromatic allure of ground spices is unmatchable. These tiny spices have the magical power of transforming an ordinary dish to extraordinary one feast.  Spices are amongst the most demanding and expensive products available in India. Regular use of every condiment in daily cooking helps to correct blood biochemistry, Anemia, thalassemia and insomnia. Still, among these enchanting flavours, a question arises- Are the ground spices safe to consume?

                         When it comes to safety of our meals, it is important to understand the measures taken to assured the quality of ground spices. We are reassured through the process of corroboration- it makes sure that spices we add to our recipes and consume are not only tasty but also safe and have many health benefits.


Magical spices


Spice Trade

                          A condiment is a spice, sauce or preparation that is added to food after cooking to impart a specific flavor, to enhance its flavor. As most of the world’s spices come from Southeast Asia, the spice trade helped drive the global economy starting in the Middle Ages.


Spices are rich Source of Nutrients

                         Spices have strong flavors and are used in very small portions, spices tend to add few calories to food. Even though many spices, especially those made from seeds, contain high portions of fat, protein, and carbohydrate. When used in larger quantity, spices can also contribute a substantial amount of minerals and other micronutrients to the diet.


Adulteration of Spices

                               A significant portion of locally made spices stands adulterated, mixed with  harmful foreign substances. For instance, Lead chromate and broken rice in turmeric powder, bajra and coriander stem in coriander powder, Sudan dyes in Chilli Powder etc. More worsening,  in  many  cases  exhausted spices  are  mixed with  fresh  ones  in  small  quantities  to confuse  the consumer.


Adulteration of Spices


Regulatory Compliance

                            According to FSSAI Gazette Notification File No. 4 (37) 2017/ States/ RCD/FSSAI, dated 29th December, 2020, for the secure consumption of spices, they must adhere to regulatory guidelines and standards and adulteration in Spices like turmeric, coriander, red chilli powder etc. should be tested. Reputable testing and certification services ensure that the spices meet these standards and it helps in not only verifying their safety but also build trust among customers.


Testing of Adulteration in spices at Qualitek labs:

Qualitek Labs is a leading provider of testing for Adulteration in Spices through our state-of-the-art facilities and industry-leading technical expertise combined with the superior quality of our services. We provide innovative and best services to customers. We are specialized and trusted partner of choice for quality, health, safety and sustainability solution.

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